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1The Tanner lectures on human valuesAC1.T35v.2 (1981)
Priestley's writings on philosophy, science, and politics / edited with an introd. by John A. PassmoreAC7.P69 1965
3T?p bút n?m qui dau 1993 : di c?o / V??ng H?ông S?ênAC160 .V52 V86 2004
4Ki?én v?n ti??u l?c / Lê Qúy ?ôn [Ph?m Tr?ng ?i?èm phiên d?ch và chú thích]AC160.V52 L4 2007
5T?p bút n?m nhâm thân 1992 : di c?o / V??ng H?ông S?ênAC160.V52 V86 2003
6Mran? m?? cvay? cu? kyam?? nhac? khyup? 1981AE15.7 .M736 1981
The Encyclope?die of Diderot and D'Alembert : selected articles / edited by J. Lough.AE25 .E558 2009
8Enlightening the world : Encyclopédie, the book that changed the course of history / Philipp BlomAE25.E6 B58 2005
9Droit et Philosophie a? la Lumie?re de l'Encyclope?die / Luigi Delia.AE25.E6 D45 2015
10The Maurists' unfinished encyclopedia / Linn Holmberg.AE25.M38 H65 2017
11Chuye??n ?o?ng chuye??n Ta?y / An Chi AG196.V5 A5 2005v. 1
12Chuye??n ?o?ng chuye??n Ta?y / An ChiAG196.V5 A5 2005v. 2
13Chuye??n ?o?ng chuye??n Ta?y / An Chi AG196.V5 A5 2005v. 3
14Chuye??n ?o?ng chuye??n Ta?y / An Chi AG196.V5 A5 2005v. 5
15Chuye??n ?o?ng chuye??n Ta?y / An ChiAG196.V5 A5 2005v. 6
16Indeks majalah ilmiah Indonesia, 1950-1994 : kajian tentang Islam / penyusun, Hendrarta KusbandarrumsamsiAI19.I55 I55 1995
Museum basics / Timothy Ambrose and Crispin PaineAM5 .A43 1993
18A planning guide for corporate museums, galleries, and visitor centers / Victor J. DanilovAM5.D37 1992
19The handbook for museums / Gary Edson and David DeanAM5 .E37 1994
20Manual for museums / Ralph H. LewisAM5.L48 1976
21Prekursorzy muzeologii Polskiej. / Poznan, Praca Wydana z Zasiku Polskiej Akademii Nauk, 1970 illus. (Poznanskie Towarzustwo Przyjacio Nauk. Wydzia Historii i Nauk Spoecznych. Prace Komisiji Historii Sztuki, t.9, zesz.1) Summary in FrenchAM5.M3
22A Manual for small museums & keeping places / edited by Richard RobinsAM5.M36 1992
23Museum provision and professionalism / edited by Gaynor KavanaghAM5 .M926 1994
Museums and communities : the politics of public culture / edited by Ivan Karp, Christine Mullen Kreamer, and Steven D. LavineAM5.M928 1992
25The Museums profession : internal and external relations / edited by Gaynor KavanaghAM5.M934 1991
26Museum für eine Gesellschaft von morgen. AnsätzeAM5.O85
27Konservierte Welt : Museum und Musealisierung / Eva SturmAM5.S88 1991
28The museum, its history and its tasks in educationAM5.W519
29Keyguide to information sources in museum studies / Peter Woodhead and Geoffrey StansfieldAM5 .W66 1994
30Exhibitions in museums / Michael BelcherAM7.B36 1991
The birth of the museum : history, theory, politics / Tony BennettAM7.B39 1995
32Environmental management : guidelines for museums and galleries / May CassarAM7.C38 1995
33A companion to museum studies / edited by Sharon MacdonaldAM7 .C59 2006
Curating the future : museums, communities and climate change / edited by Jennifer Newell, Libby Robin and Kirsten Wehner.AM7 .C88 2017
35Museums : a place to work : planning museum careers / Jane R. Glaser with Artemis ZenetouAM7.G55 1996
36Grasping the world : the idea of the museum / edited by Donald Preziosi and Claire FaragoAM7 .G58 2004
37Shivers down your spine : cinema, museums, and the immersive view / Alison GriffithsAM7 .G59 2008
Civilizing the museum : the collected writings of Elaine Heumann Gurian / Elaine Heumann GurianAM7 .G87 2006
Museums and the interpretation of visual culture / Eilean Hooper-GreenhillAM7 .H655 2000
Museums and the shaping of knowledge / Eilean Hooper-GreenhillAM7.H66 1992
41Museums and the shaping of knowledge / Eilean Hooper-GreenhillAM7.H66 1992
42Museums and the shaping of knowledge / Eilean Hooper-GreenhillAM7.H66 1992
43Museums and their visitors / Eilean Hooper-GreenhillAM7 .H67 1994
44Hot topics, public culture, museums / edited by Fiona Cameron and Lynda KellyAM7.H68 2010
47History curatorship / by Gaynor KavanaghAM7.K38 1990
48Museum memories : history, technology, art / Didier MaleuvreAM7.M355 1999
49New museums and the making of culture / Kylie MessageAM7 .M467 2006
50The design of educational exhibits / compiled by R.S. Miles in collaboration with M.B. Alt ... [et al.]AM7.M55 1988
51Museums of influence / Kenneth HudsonAM7.M79 1987
52Museums, media and cultural theory / Michelle HenningAM7 .M867 2006
53Museos, arte e identidad : artesanías en la idea de nación. / Eduardo Rinesi, compilador.AM7 .M87 2011
54Museum materialities : objects, engagements, interpretations / edited by Sandra H. DudleyAM7 .M8723 2010
55Museum, media, message / Eilean Hooper-GreenhillAM7 .M8725 1994
56Museum philosophy for the twenty-first century / edited by Hugh H. GenowaysAM7 .M8728 2006
57Museum frictions : public cultures/global transformations / edited by Ivan Karp ... [et. al.] with Gustavo Buntinx, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, and Ciraj RassoolAM7 .M8729 2006
Museum studies : an anthology of contexts / edited by Bettina Messias CarbonellAM7 .M874 2004
Museum studies : an anthology of contexts / edited by Bettina Messias Carbonell.AM7 .M874 2012
The Museum time-machine : putting cultures on display / edited by Robert LumleyAM7.M875 1988
61Museum visitor studies in the 90s / edited by Sandra Bicknell and Graham FarmeloAM7.M878 1993
62Museums and communities : curators, collections and collaboration / edited by Viv Golding and Wayne Modest.AM7 .M8811 2013
63Museums and the making of ourselves : the role of objects in national identity / edited by Flora E.S. KaplanAM7.M882 1994
The New museology / edited by Peter VergoAM7.N48 1989
65The New museology / edited by Peter VergoAM7.N48 1989
66The New museology / edited by Peter VergoAM7.N48 1989
67Objects of knowledge / edited by Susan PearceAM7.O25 1990
68Archaeological curatorship / by Susan M. PearceAM7.P43 1990
69Producing the past : aspects of antiquarian culture and practice 1700-1850 / edited by Martin Myrone and Lucy PeltzAM7 .P76 1999
70Reinventing the museum : historical and contemporary perspectives on the paradigm shift / edited by Gail AndersonAM7 .R435 2004
71The social work of museums / Lois H. SilvermanAM7 .S44 2010
72The participatory museum / by Nina Simon.AM7 .S56 2010
73A cabinet of curiosities : inquiries into museums and their prospects / Stephen E. WeilAM7.W392 1995
74A cabinet of curiosities : inquiries into museums and their prospects / Stephen E. WeilAM7.W392 1995
Making museums matter / Stephen E. WeilAM7 .W3925 2002
76Anthropology and public education through museology / by Marjorie R.WilkovAM7.W55 1989
77Do museums still need objects? / Steven ConnAM11 .C63 2010
78Hall of fame museums : a reference guide / Victor J. DanilovAM11 .D348 1997
79Weird and wonderful : the dime museum in America / Andrea Stulman DennettAM11 .D46 1997
80Directory of unique museumsAM11.D571985
81Museums directory of the United States and CanadaAM11.M8 1965
82Curators and culture : the museum movement in America, 1740-1870 / Joel J. OroszAM11.O76 1990
83New York City museums : a Ross guide : museums, historic houses, art galleries, libraries, and other special places open to the public in the New York metropolitan area / by Betty RossAM13.N5R67 1991
84Museums and galleries of New York / Carol von Pressentin WrightAM13.N5W75 1997
85Museo, memoria y nación : misión de los museos nacionales para los ciudadanos del futuro.AM33 .S56 2000
86Towards the museum of the future : new European perspectives / edited by Roger Miles and Lauro ZavalaAM40 .M55 1994
87Napoleon's legacy : the rise of national museums in Europe 1794-1830 / Herausgeber: Ellinoor Bergvelt ... [et al.]AM40 .N376 2009
The Cambridge guide to the museums of Britain and Ireland / Kenneth Hudson and Ann NichollsAM41.H79 1987
Museums and the First World War : a social history / Gaynor KavanaghAM41 .K38 1994
90For instruction and recreation : a centenary history of the Museums Association / Geoffrey LewisAM41.L49 1989
91Museums and popular culture / Kevin MooreAM41 .M66 1997
92Guide to countryside interpretationAM41.S36v.1
93Guide to countryside interpretationAM41.S36v.2
94Cabinets for the curious : looking back at early English museums / Ken ArnoldAM42.E54 .A76 2006
Little-known museums in and around London / by Rachel KaplanAM43.L6 K36 1997
96Museums and galleries of London / Malcolm RogersAM43.L6.R54
97Répertoire des musées et collections publiques de France / par Germaine Barnaud, avec le concours de Jean-Pierre SamoyaultAM46.B3 1982
98Guide to the museums of Paris and suburbs : departments of Paris, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne / [prepared by Denise Bernard-Folliot, assisted by Frank Folliot English translation by Catherine Cullen, Phillipe Cullen and Jennifer Malkin]AM48.P3.G8413
99Vom Raritäten-Kabinett zur Sammlung als Institution : Sammeln und Ordnen im Zeitalter der Aufklärung / Christoph BeckerAM49 .B43 1996
100Little-known museums in and around Berlin / by Rachel KaplanAM51.B4 K36 1999
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