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101Museums in and around Moscow : a guide / I. Baikova [translated from the Russian by Frances Longman]AM61.M6.B3513
102Museums : social learning spaces and knowledge producing processes / Ida Brændholt Lundgaard & Jacob Thorek JensenAM62.A2 L86 2013
103Museums of Southeast Asia / Iola Lenzi [editors, Marilyn Seow, Laura Jeanne Gobal]AM71.L46 2004
104Museums in South, Southeast and East Asia : survey and report - ICOM Regional Agency in Asia 1968-1971AM71.M67
105China : museums / Miriam Clifford, Cathy Giangrande, Antony WhiteAM72.A2 C55 2009b
106Museum and tourism : proceedings of All India Museums Conference, 1985, Bhubaneswar / editor, G.N. Pant, associate editor, Hena BajpaiAM73.A2A44 1985
107Mengenal sepuluh museum umum propinsi di IndonesiaAM75.A2 M46 1984
108On becoming museum-minded : a study of museum development and the politics of culture in Indonesia / by Christina Faye KrepsAM75.A2K74 1994
10931 museum di Jawa Barat + Banten : panduan sang petualang / oleh Edi Dimyati.AM75.J393 D56 2014
110Jelajah 62 museum : menelusuri jejak sejarah yang terukir di Jakarta / oleh Nadrah Chino dan Hanbun.AM76.J35 C45 2015
11147 museum Jakarta : panduan sang petualang / Edi DimyatiAM76.J35 D56 2010
112The connoisseur's guide to Japanese museums / [by] Laurance P.Roberts. With a foreword by Laurence Sickman. [1st ed.] Rutland, Vt., Publiched for the Japan Society of New York by C.E. Tuttle Co. [1967] iv, 239 p. illus 19 cmAM77.R6
113Museums, history, and culture in Malaysia / Abu Talib AhmadAM79.M3 A28 2015
114Directory of museums in Malaysia / compiled by Mohamed Zulkifli bin Haji Abdul AzizAM79.M3M63
115Directory of museums in the Philippines / [editor, Rosario B. Tantoco compilers, Francisca F. Caberoy, Jovita M. Napao]AM79.P6.C33 1984
116Triple gems and double meanings : contested spaces in the National Museum of Bangkok / by Caverlee CaryAM79.T5C37 1994
117Possessors and possessed : museums, archaeology, and the visualization of history in the late Ottoman Empire / Wendy M.K. ShawAM79.T8 S53 2003
118Các b?o tàng qu?ôc gia Vi?êt Nam = National museums of VietnamAM79.V5C33 1990
119Ch? nam v?ê Vi?ên b?o tàng Qu?{227 }oc Gia Vi?êt Nam t?i Saigon / Thái V?n Ki?êm [và] Tr??ng Bá PhátAM79.V5T5 1974
120Zuid-Afrika's eerste openbare verzameling op het gebied van kunst en etnologie 1764-1821. Schenkers: Von Dessin, James Cook, James KingAM90.C3.B38
121Museums in Australia 1975 : report of the Committee of Inquiry on Museums and National Collections including the report of the Planning Committee on the Gallery of Aboriginal AustraliaAM93.A8 1975
122Cinderella collections : university museums & collections in Australia : the report of the University Museums Review CommitteeAM93.A93 1996
123What value heritage? : a perspective on the Museums Review and the performance of museums / Department of the Arts, Sport, the Environment Tourism and TerritoriesAM93.W54 1990
124The Official museums directory for Victoria / editors: Margaret Birtley and Nigel McGillivrayAM94.V53O35 1990
125Kit?hak?n Phitthaphan Sath?n = museum workAM101.B37K5 1974
126The collections of the British Museum / edited by Sir David M. WilsonAM101.B85 1989
127That noble cabinet : a history of the British Museum / [by] Edward Miller foreword by Sir John WolfendenAM101.B86.M64
British Museum guide / [maps drawn by Michael Robinson]AM101.B865
129British Museum guide / [maps drawn by Michael Robinson]AM101.B865
The forgotten collector : Augustus Wollaston Franks of the British Museum / David M. WilsonAM101.B86W55
131Treasures of the British Museum edited and introduced by Sir Frank FrancisAM101.B87F7
132Treasures of the British Museum, with an introd. / by Sir John Wolfenden. N.Y., Viking Press, [1972] illusAM101.B87T73 1972
133The British Museum its antiquities and civilizations from prehistory to the fall of the Roman EmpireAM101.B87W37 1973
The British Museum : purpose and politics / David M. WilsonAM101.B87W54 1989
135The British Museum : a history / David M. WilsonAM101.B87W542 2002
136Report of the trustees 1966 [London, 1967] illus. / Publication suspended 1939-1965AM101.B88
137Hai muoi nam hoat dong cua Vien Bao tang lich su Viet NamAM101.H3A45 1978
138The Indian museum, 1814-1914AM101 .I47 2004
139Koleksi pilihan Museum Nasional = Selected collection of the National MuseumAM101.J353 A45 1980jil. 1
140Koleksi pilihan Museum Nasional = Selected collection of the National MuseumAM101.J353A45 1980jil. 2
141Translating museums : a counterhistory of South Asian museology / Shaila BhattiAM101.L196 B53 2012
142Guide to the National Museum of Ethnology / (Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde) LeidenAM101.L45G8 1968
143Rijksmuseum van Oudheden / geschreven door de staf van het Museum met foto's van M.J. Vinkesteyn onder redactie van H.D. Schneider = National Museum of Antiquities / written by the staff of the Museum with photographs by M.J. Vinkesteyn edited by H.D. SchneiderAM101.L536A56 1981
144The Ashmolean Museum, 1683-1894 / R.F. OvenellAM101.O776O83 1986
145Guide-catalogue du Musee Guimet, avec introductions concernant l'histoire, les religions et les arts des differents paysAM101.P35M6 1939
146Mr. Peale's Museum : Charles Willson Peale and the first popular museum of natural science and art / Charles Coleman SellersAM101.P496S44
147The Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures : a guidebook / [Monika Ba?urová ... et. al.]AM101.P83 2000
148Gosudarstvennye muzei Moskovskogo Kreml?i?aAM101.R9N4
149Nam chom Phiphitthaphan Sathan haeng Chat SongkhlaAM101.S4796N36 1982
150One hundred years of the National Museum : Singapore 1887-1987 / [National Museum]AM101.S6S56 1987
151Mengenal Museum Negeri La Galigo Ujung Pandang, Sulawesi Selatan / Staf Ilmiah / Koleksi Museum Negeri La GaligoAM101.U58M46
152Collections of a century : the history of the first hundred years of the National Museum of Victoria. / foreword by Sir R.GrimwadeAM101.V463
153Museums in the material world / edited by Simon J. KnellAM111 .M88 2007
154Training for the museum professional. / Canb., A.G.P.S., 1975 vii, 80pAM121.A8 1973
155Museum ethics / by Gary EdsonAM121 .E37 1997
Managing museums and galleries / Michael A. FoppAM121 .F66 1997
157Forward planning : a handbook of business, corporate and development planning for museums and galleries / edited by Tim Ambrose and Sue RunyardAM121.F67 1991
158Management in museums / edited by Kevin MooreAM121 .M36 1999
159Marketing the museum / Fiona McLeanAM121.M4 1997
Museum management / edited by Kevin MooreAM121 .M876 1994
161Museum management and marketing / edited by Richard Sandell and Robert R. JanesAM121 .M877 2007
162Museums 2000 : politics, people, professionals and profit / [edited by] Patrick BoylanAM121.M89 1992
163Funding for museums, archives, and special collections / edited by Denise Wallen and Karen CantrellAM122.F86 1988
164What price heritage? : the Museums Review and the measurement of museum performance / Department of FinanceAM122.W53 1989
165Museum communication and social media : the connected museum / edited by Kirsten Drotner and Kim Christian Schrøder.AM125 .M87 2013
166Illicit traffic in cultural property : museums against pillage / edited by Harrie Leyten [translation and final editing, Nicoline Gatehouse]AM133 .I43 1995
167Di balik pilar-pilar museum / Kresno Yulianto.AM133.Y85 2016
168Museums and the appropriation of culture / edited by Susan PearceAM135 .M86 1994
169Museums and the appropriation of culture / edited by Susan PearceAM135 .M86 1994
170Museums and the future of collecting / edited by Simon J. KnellAM135 .M864 2004
171Registrars on record : essays on museum collections management / Mary Case, editorAM139.R42 1995
172Care of collections / edited by Simon KnellAM141 .K54 1994
174Design for scientific conservation of antiquities. / Wash., Smithsonian Institution Press, [1968] bibl., illus. Expansion of talk delivered to the United Kingdom Group of the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic WorksAM141.O7
Regional Seminar on the Conservation of Cultural Materials in Humid Climates, Canberra College of Advanced Education, 19-23 February 1979 : [proceedings]AM141.U53 1979
176Museum security and protection : a handbook for cultural heritage institutions / ICOM and the International Committee on Museum Security edited by David ListonAM148 .M865 1993
177Museum security = La sécurité dans les musées / Robert G. Tillotson edited by Diana D. Menkes translated by Marthe de MoltkeAM148 .T54 1977
178The museum interior : temporary & permanent display techniques / Michael BrawneAM151.B56
179Museum exhibition : theory and practice / David DeanAM151 .D43 1994
180Practical evaluation guide : tools for museums and other informal educational settings / Judy DiamondAM151 .D5 1999
Exhibiting cultures : the poetics and politics of museum display / edited by Ivan Karp and Steven D. LavineAM151.E94 1991
182Exhibiting cultures : the poetics and politics of museum display / edited by Ivan Karp and Steven D. LavineAM151.E94 1991
183Exhibiting cultures : the poetics and politics of museum display / edited by Ivan Karp and Steven D. LavineAM151.E94 1991
Museum politics : power plays at the exhibition / Timothy W. LukeAM151 .L85 2002
185Manual of curatorship : a guide to museum practice / editorial board, John M.A. Thompson ... [et al.]AM151.M32 1984
186New museum theory and practice : an introduction / edited by Janet MarstineAM151 .N49 2006
187The secret museum / Molly Oldfield.AM151 .O43 2013
188What makes learning fun? : principles for the design of intrinsically motivating museum exhibits / Deborah L. PerryAM151.P475 2012
189Museums without barriers : a new deal for disabled people / Fondation de France/ICOMAM160 .M88 1991
190To have and to hold : an intimate history of collectors and collecting / Philipp BlomAM221 .B58 2003
Interpreting objects and collections / edited by Susan M. PearceAM231 .I58 1994
192Magnificent obsessions : twenty remarkable collectors in pursuit of their dreams / Mitch Tuchman photographs by Peter BrennerAM231.M27 1994
All the best rubbishAM231.N63 1974
Museums, objects and collections : a cultural study / Susan M. PearceAM231.P43 1992
Wunderkammer / Tod Williams and Billie Tsien.AM231 .W55 2013
196The cultures of collecting / edited by John Elsner and Roger CardinalAM235.C85 1994
197The cultures of collecting / edited by John Elsner and Roger CardinalAM235.C85 1994
198On collecting : investigation into collecting in the European tradition / Susan M. PearceAM342.P43 1995
199Collectors and curiosities : Paris and Venice, 1500-1800 / Krzysztof Pomian translated by Elizabeth Wiles-PortierAM349.P66 1990
200Collections et collectionneurs dans la France du XVIIe siècle / Antoine SchnapperAM349.S38 1988v.2