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Mary-Anne O'Keefe: "Correspondences" by Charles Baudelaire, 1986; (Chine-colle, prints, letterpress on paper and rosepetals.)


These images aim to illustrate the main art forms and diverse media used by students, i.e. drawing, painting, the printed image, papermaking, photography, installation, performance. It demonstrates the whimsical use of material traditionally not associated with a book, in combination with classically applied design and typography.


John Brennand: "Correspondences" by Charles Baudilaire, 1986.

The project consisted of:

1) An artist book; (Its copy is in the GIW archive).
2) A body papercast, being a part of the book (illustrated).
3) A performance. John Brennand performed "The Bird's Ritual Dance", interperating Baudelaire's poem, stressing the simultaneity of senses. He used a scent sensation from peirced symbolical eggs, (multicoloured balloons filled with fragrant water). This one-off performance was not recorded.

John Brennand: "Correspondances", by Charles Baudelaire, 1986; (Book, body papercast and performance).

Gary Poulton: "First Book of Genesis",

from Old Testament.

The project consisted of:

1) A book installation of 15 pages from first Book of Genesis. 2) (Illustrated): a printing of text for the installation in dust, (a mixture of plaster and carborundum).
An important aspect of the project was the notion of the ephemerality of the text being gradually eroded by time and air circulation, yet able to be re-printed and re-established at any time again & at infinitum. (For reference see "Dust to Dust" by Alex Selenitsch in Imprint, volume 30, No.1).

Gary Poulton: "First Book of Genesis", 1993; (text printed in dust).