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1 Apr 2019 to 28 Apr 2019
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SubjectNo. titles RSS
A - General2RSS
B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion29RSS
C - Auxiliary sciences of history7RSS
D - History - world, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania169RSS
• General, Europe111RSS
• Asia, Africa24RSS
• Oceania, Australia, New Zealand33RSS
E/F - History of the Americas 13RSS
G - Geography, anthropology, recreation14RSS
H - Social sciences57RSS
• Economics, statistics, demography,
   Business, transportation & communication
• Commerce, finance, public finance1RSS
• Sociology43RSS
J - Political science39RSS
K - Law14RSS
L - Education5RSS
M - Music (incl 700s)NONE THIS WEEKRSS
N - Visual art and design (incl 700s)26RSS
P - Language, literature58RSS
• Philology and linguistics
  Classical languages and literature (Greek and Latin)
• Modern European languages6RSS
• Languages and literature of Asia, Pacific, Middle-East,
  Africa and Oceania. American and artificial languages
o Chinese language and literature1RSS
o Non-Chinese material6RSS
• Literature (general)
  English, American, Australian and European literature
  Motion pictures
Q - Science20RSS
R - Medicine7RSS
S - Agriculture2RSS
T - Technology5RSS
U/V - Military & naval science2RSS
Z - Bibliography, library science, information resources2RSS
No call number (not classified)307RSS
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