JB Chifley flood collection rebuilding

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On 25 February 2022, we mark 4 years since the devastating flood in the Chifley Library.

Since that time, the ANU community have done incredible work to rebuild our collections, buildings and facilities.

We have not only replaced items in our collection, but have massively improved them!

We have vast amounts of new content never before accessible through the ANU Library. Whole databases are now open for study and research, with almost 10 million additional items added to the ANU Library collections.

In addition to physical materials, the Library has replaced many resources in online format, enabling far greater discoverability and accessibility than was possible previously.
We welcome your suggestions for purchases to replace items that were lost, or to further improve our collections.

If you have any enquiries about donating material, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Library Flood Replacement Coordinator via email.

Roxanne Missingham
University Librarian
(Chief Scholarly Information Services Officer)